Friday, September 4, 2015

kweak structure

How does kweak structure fit ?

[ TAo - TzuYankeY - Qi iQ ] @@@ TzuYanKeYe

4th is the wholy 24 hour result of living a whole 24 hour cycle

TA0 is about the sunset as main phase urge - mourning breaks


Tzujan is the basis for
TzuYan : that which comes from itself - spontaneity
first the Key then the Eye varianth as add of the day ..
each day we see more as 1 point over the margins - as unity

Qi   iQ
is a balance energy with the intelligent monster a human can be at the edge of becomin

Here the KeYe sets the next day progress / stream factors

EAch day is other than one before --- as crucial environment to stay loose from ego-ic

a PLAYword the NéAndersThaler workfield toggled / draw was EGOLUTION  - 1991

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