Thursday, December 19, 2013

6th Moon, 2nd kweak : LIFE kweak

LIFEkweak is the mid-kweak between LOVEkweak & VOIDkweak

it is the kweak that manifests physical objects
as a core principal ..

Lovekweak settles the KINship
from which the LIFE roots ..

while working the earth we build ..
opportunities happen as unplanned contacts ..
those we emphasize in VOIDkweak
as continuous healing balancings ..

all kweaks as building focus
on all aspects of all people
without frontiers

its rhythmatic is the Messiah ..
as we'us here communicate
with the ancients

}}}}} *** {{{{{

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MOON 6 ~ radiative kweak1 of LOVE

a new TreeKweak cycle at the VERGE
seal MOON on URdaya

lets take this one as a prepaired entry

Lzard may loose its tail 
-a serpent alike-

but then
it grows another one

from a new beginning

the NOO beginning



pencil / calligraph
& & &

3 times a daya
as intens u offer at that interval

dawn ~ noon ~ eve

~  live the knight away  ~

noosletter lizard moon - service

Sunday, December 1, 2013

5th Moon ~ VOIDkweak that receives (affirmed on the ZEROday GLORYdaya)

(oops , the OWL replaceD the PeaCock - OverTone Owl it must BE ;-)

feels great & prosperous
to announce the alignment alliance

the & character 
is in this kweak of VOID

a Good practice to adopt the character
to caligraph it by any method 
that handwrites it
(painting is okay too)

tell me&us your experiences on that?!


the MOON end with kin 40 on DREAMspell

this empowers the 4.0 ident of GLORY daya

may we aligned
chant }}} KAA  MUH  THY {{{

on the chakral wheels it aligns 4 2 7

but then watch this wholly bodily renwal :

just x click it to read better ?