Wednesday, September 25, 2013

moon 3 - second kweak in AppreciateD ABUNDANCE

kweakfunding <= LINK

here we have SEAL NIGHT as a given ABUNDANCE

it energetically spices those 9 days
within each sourcerer practicing
this rhythm for energetical rebirthing

how to disseminate kweak in yr networks?
do nothing ...
just be aware ...
only act at a given moment

type of awareness
only you can do something at that moment
it doesnot affect yr emotions

it is

} kweakfunding is added to germinate its origin act {

kweakfunding <= LINK

dragon depicts KUXAN SUUM - the wombs wire to the bodily vessel,
our earths'hip

}}  HIP is a pointer to the HARA / HEIR / GEER  {{
this is where the bodily water gets oxygen ~ while breathing

DEER depicts SERVICE in the WOODS
how an i live my continuous tribes and feed hunters ?

NIGHT associates to the ABUNDANCE of NOW
which is ETERNAL
( when we all individually whish to share on a common basis )

see the kweakfunding - aspect altruïstic identity

human language stories

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

KweakSeal added to the TREEKWEAK (verti)calendar ; serpent in DEER??

the ruling seal is not in the 3Seal full range!

as we uncover / heal in the T'eachings here
in a set of 19 seals only 1 is missing
that one rules the 19
(as simpli-ex it can be in integral life)

is often token as SEX
but then we uncover the reality
it is about identity & integral exchange expressions
(that also inherent grow human life)

it triggers the action impulse for SURvival
& & &
the essence of INSTINCT
takes over in "ANIMAL LABORANCE" ')
which calls for human behaviourals
maintaining the relational esteem

') ref. to philosopher Hannah Ahrendt / emergence of integrity - WLBastiani

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DRAGON V - makes the symbol V vali:D - EXTRA EDITION


see last page on DRAGON V

here the com-pli-ex - say intellengy popping - draft

here Saint Peterborough calling IN ...

the 3 Seal column in fact skips the even numbers ,
how come?
what purepose?

here a shorty on that ...

the kweak team is quite excited about

the timeS' they are changing !

Saturday, September 7, 2013

DRAGON V - makes the symbol V vali:D

personal happening in 1981
synchron to this top in Saint Petersborough / Russia ..
is the Korean flight that was get down by Russian Border Police


well, the course of history was ontologically changed ..
in my own viewpoint, maybe a vision - dutch visioen - ')
Just because i was working with KLM airlines - informatics - logistical affairs
and planned a in-line company holiday to Saint Petersborough
AND that had to be canceled according the air-saviours ..

we went to MEXICO in stead ..
and wonderful things happened as my Guardian promised before

that all in fact ignited this wholly new idea for an inherent cut within the Dreamspell/Tzol'kin
which is of course forbidden for all of us .. including me as a humble member

and then ... serendipitious things kept happening all the time ..
just insisting on a single mission

"this is what u have to do, Stupid Honourable"

indeed it got me Yaniq, Wil'fred, St'eve of Conceptions, José & Stephanie, ... and so many more that enriched and enchanted my storyline ...

so ...
maybe a DREAM line could be catching the KingsBook, just printed and in the stores .. in the Kingdom of the Netherlands ???
( OH NO: ... )

Tutorial of this Kweak 161.2.3 - VOid

each kweak has its own Totem Seal !
this is exactly the mid Seal of the zero date last moon for the Love - 1st kweak ...
for the Life 2nd kweak & the Void 3rd Kweak
the seal of the 9th daya of previous Kweak is Totem
it is presented on top of the Current ( Kweak )

here is is SERPENT with essence INSTINCT
so somehow kweak gives spice/urge to the LIFEFORCE of humanity
(from 3rd MOON 1st KWEAK this is builtin in the BLOG)

DRAGON V ~ deCiSive kweak rehearsal

this kweak was still under water

when time was flying through the ages

what happens on EARTH right NOW

how much attention is reached with INTEND

did we learn out lessons as we preach


oUR TalK


( , INdirector of operational water in the Netherlands & any other role appreciated )



in this one we focus on the new/noo column @ - character

upper character is K which follow the initiation line J ..
then it is built from below :
so K L M N O P Q R is the line from top bodily chakra's till bottom ..
but then we energize from BOTTOM till TOP K from bottom R (the axis - horus eye?) ...
considering the chakra wheels running smoothly
seems mixed up - but then this is what an energy pivot is about
(may we have our inner smile on that "demon")

') remember siliaum associates with siliohm sound .. but then it does not associate a wheel but the axis - Nippon Hara; Dutch Geer ; English Heir ; German - Ger!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

challenged DRAGON V - finds its NOO form

today we use the september 5 2013 reference ...

whereas we awaken into an alternative approach of time

okay timespace may be more valid or even NRG - energy

as water is pure NRG , "we are" liquid valuable individuum


saying "we are" is offensive language, isn't it ;-))

"only" practioning kweak brings it UP
13MOON ~ lasting specie on a planeth

kweak 2.3 will come up in time ~ promise }}}*{{{

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DRAGON year V - initiating 3 years of tone 9


first now on september 4 the form found its crystalines

in 3 days the KWEAK in Noo

is fully alive

as we were preparing and prepairing for so long a STUDY

started in july 2013 as popeular timeline labels

notice C on NESS daya
as the character of that central daya 

august 2013 takes off ..

notice O on NESS daya
as the character of that central daya

august 2013 proceeds first energy on the ORBITER - original skywalker

notice & on NESS daya
as the character of that central daya

conclusion for now:
we see how C O & align in kweak rhythm & rhyme


& is back in the ALFABET
which takes 27 characters before the BLANCO, 28th

what is its sound ???

sept 5 2013, last final refinements on colours

Monday, September 2, 2013

SHIFTinG Calendar means Kweak in Noo

dear fellow travellers on this planet,

after some experimental period we are somewhat eager
to present the "9 daya a week"

which is a part - a crucial induction coil - 
of the time lawed system - Dreamspell / Tzolkin.

further annoucements roll this kweak