Thursday, July 23, 2015


today I - s'ace - start this life agayn .. with or without U -
and U have a very goon therapy time received or all the time ignored

so be it

for kweak ayn the chaotic stirr from 3 men in Gee pointed at your luck to awaken
and be happy ... created only jealous people not knowing what to create themselves

well of course the autistic person wanted to learn a skill working with iron or other craft/
But then half july het still was beaming 73 with agressive-particles as autistice source
not accepting your choice as a partner.

But we write this blog as a common ground raising our ice to another flood of glad interpendant people that realise what has to be done and where a frontier is respected ..\
Okay when a frontier is obsolete we can integrate ..

This as a MARKER for this blog that for now july 23 2015 functons as a site kick next to

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