Wednesday, September 9, 2015

kweak ayn is a fusion

where AYN is a sound space consuming

kweak is a time turnover allowing the sound its return

& character is 26th or third after 28 & 27 , spatial and Z.

28 is aligned to MALDEK , a lost planet while it its own frequency : 28 - null - nullify

the wholly Alphabeth is frauded by taking 2 characters out of its ranges.

N 14

_ - underscore depicts null / void / vacuüm

WE label the new range MOON_BETH , a harmoniQ

Saturday, September 5, 2015

kweak AYN concept

& sign : AYN
is the 26th character in MOON'beth

it has two starting points : one lower than the other

try to imagine its turnings

is sounded by AYN AYN AYN, the mantra

Friday, September 4, 2015

kweak structure

How does kweak structure fit ?

[ TAo - TzuYankeY - Qi iQ ] @@@ TzuYanKeYe

4th is the wholy 24 hour result of living a whole 24 hour cycle

TA0 is about the sunset as main phase urge - mourning breaks


Tzujan is the basis for
TzuYan : that which comes from itself - spontaneity
first the Key then the Eye varianth as add of the day ..
each day we see more as 1 point over the margins - as unity

Qi   iQ
is a balance energy with the intelligent monster a human can be at the edge of becomin

Here the KeYe sets the next day progress / stream factors

EAch day is other than one before --- as crucial environment to stay loose from ego-ic

a PLAYword the NéAndersThaler workfield toggled / draw was EGOLUTION  - 1991

Thursday, July 23, 2015


today I - s'ace - start this life agayn .. with or without U -
and U have a very goon therapy time received or all the time ignored

so be it

for kweak ayn the chaotic stirr from 3 men in Gee pointed at your luck to awaken
and be happy ... created only jealous people not knowing what to create themselves

well of course the autistic person wanted to learn a skill working with iron or other craft/
But then half july het still was beaming 73 with agressive-particles as autistice source
not accepting your choice as a partner.

But we write this blog as a common ground raising our ice to another flood of glad interpendant people that realise what has to be done and where a frontier is respected ..\
Okay when a frontier is obsolete we can integrate ..

This as a MARKER for this blog that for now july 23 2015 functons as a site kick next to

Thursday, September 11, 2014

kweak 3 of 2nd moon (that is our first!)

let me confess
it is truely a fasci'nation
to change this world ..
while every one is gazing the other direction

which indeed
geves free opportunity to bridge this world
as worldbridger though me so electric
with all king of flashes
while another mykey gave many thunders

so they glueed into a wonderful twin
the baby being third

this as a lyric from the poet role inside

(scheme follows within due time, ...)

is this moon examplifying 2^3 or 3^2 or both??

then its 8 and 9
+17    +/-1    x72
gives both 
0,88888888889 from 8/9
1.125 from 9/8

which one leads the edges

Friday, January 24, 2014

KWEAKAYN annoucement

chinese newyear


starts on januar 31

this comes together with some new discoveries

such as the 37 73 resonancy by Bastiani
( link follows )

then a Nordish painter inspired our MyKey

Hilma af Klint at Moderna Museet

THIRD founding is the chanting by TAHIRIH

Since our long cooperative & long distant work
it occured to me that the TAHIRIH medal
was a decisive seed to this KWEAK,
an elan vital - treevital - spark to the 13moon
calendar ..
symply said an energetic oriented accountancy
harmonizing the specie on the planet on trade winds

so the kweak fuses with " A Y N "

here its first page

it will be offered to the alliance circling its BirtH


we wonder whether AYN gets integrated in kweak chants ..

  KAM  UTH  AYN   ???