Friday, November 22, 2013

5th Moon ~Life kweak that Attracts .. (within the context serials)

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on this mesofractal we spot kin 022 , 
a special one in DreamSpell given Arguelles Spell

(now Red Queen phase)

see the MAYA.AT page for other SPELL CASTINGS
that all facilitate the vocabulary
in their narrative myths

die Kraft des Entlosigheit
is represented by
the guiding seal MIRROR - 18
(next to the P in the left upper crossing)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

KweaK promoting Message while Mandela sings his Last Song ??

T'Ritz Planetary Messanger sets a focus 

just realize this indication


it simply sets free the habit of setting a focus by a zero-period each day ..

... then what about KweaK ?

when people want to address a living quantum ..
then it helps to have a variant arythmatic as music ..


well that is the power within the Kweak as a very round cycle of similar energies ..

variant on a day to day base ..
variant within a context ..

trustworthy while the seem to repeat in other moons ..


i feel the other benefits & magna opus naratives grow by the participants them self

i'M off ..

€M€RG€€ S'

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moon 5 - Kweak 5.1 ~ Love Kweak ~ CrownBased

(the image is easily downmoaded as wallpaper on mob's & tablets, aye)
(( only once each 9 daya! as an a'wakening rhythm  ))

We Regret the People in the Philipines
Struggling such a dramatic nature event

}}} focus an empowering thought {{{

(3 days differentiation to DS column in TreeKweak)
-empowering Electric Tone of Servibg the Whole-

HAND is the GREEN note here ...
it signals a healing mode ...

(remember communication started by Hand & Body Language?)

** Youth Emergee SystemiQ **   WeKeY'
pineal Gland origin healer

Question / FAQ team

why do we see those CHANTs in this Calendar Spicing Life??

Aha .. this is a crucial affair on Collective Life ..
For the moment consider each 9 days you start the day with a variant sound ..
although it recovers within about 13 days .. to repeat in a natural order ..

Would this blank your receptive mind for ather ones ? and refined emergees?

(more details are offered in practising the chants on a disciplined self)

What can an EMERGEE be ?

This is an open Question to partners in Servant Nations ( Hugh Schonfield Redemptions )


got this from Michael Ellis
(wonderful how they exchange in the interdependent field of HHH2OOO elements)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Moon 4 ~ KWEAK three ~ bioVoid

Why is the VOIDkweak

we found this key on the 7 highest layers of 9

where the top of the pyra'myth' claims 8 and 9

stenght and intuItion

7 is always token as the EGO / Follower

which should be changed / pivoted
into EEGA

this little change in perception