Wednesday, September 25, 2013

moon 3 - second kweak in AppreciateD ABUNDANCE

kweakfunding <= LINK

here we have SEAL NIGHT as a given ABUNDANCE

it energetically spices those 9 days
within each sourcerer practicing
this rhythm for energetical rebirthing

how to disseminate kweak in yr networks?
do nothing ...
just be aware ...
only act at a given moment

type of awareness
only you can do something at that moment
it doesnot affect yr emotions

it is

} kweakfunding is added to germinate its origin act {

kweakfunding <= LINK

dragon depicts KUXAN SUUM - the wombs wire to the bodily vessel,
our earths'hip

}}  HIP is a pointer to the HARA / HEIR / GEER  {{
this is where the bodily water gets oxygen ~ while breathing

DEER depicts SERVICE in the WOODS
how an i live my continuous tribes and feed hunters ?

NIGHT associates to the ABUNDANCE of NOW
which is ETERNAL
( when we all individually whish to share on a common basis )

see the kweakfunding - aspect altruïstic identity

human language stories

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  1. double helix on 10:19
    1st : seal 10 tone 19=6 : white rhythmic DOG
    2nd : seal 19 tone 10 : blue planetary STORM

    this is a WINDGLASS formation ..
    consider 1st as MASCULINE top down flux ..
    then 2nd one is the FEMININE bottom up flux ..

    They meet : what happens ?

    On essence base Equality & Loyalty fuse the male vectors
    Long term essences weave Manifestation & Energy

    Dream on that & weave the noosphere ..

    we know how ..