Saturday, September 7, 2013

DRAGON V ~ deCiSive kweak rehearsal

this kweak was still under water

when time was flying through the ages

what happens on EARTH right NOW

how much attention is reached with INTEND

did we learn out lessons as we preach


oUR TalK


( , INdirector of operational water in the Netherlands & any other role appreciated )



in this one we focus on the new/noo column @ - character

upper character is K which follow the initiation line J ..
then it is built from below :
so K L M N O P Q R is the line from top bodily chakra's till bottom ..
but then we energize from BOTTOM till TOP K from bottom R (the axis - horus eye?) ...
considering the chakra wheels running smoothly
seems mixed up - but then this is what an energy pivot is about
(may we have our inner smile on that "demon")

') remember siliaum associates with siliohm sound .. but then it does not associate a wheel but the axis - Nippon Hara; Dutch Geer ; English Heir ; German - Ger!

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