Thursday, September 11, 2014

kweak 3 of 2nd moon (that is our first!)

let me confess
it is truely a fasci'nation
to change this world ..
while every one is gazing the other direction

which indeed
geves free opportunity to bridge this world
as worldbridger though me so electric
with all king of flashes
while another mykey gave many thunders

so they glueed into a wonderful twin
the baby being third

this as a lyric from the poet role inside

(scheme follows within due time, ...)

is this moon examplifying 2^3 or 3^2 or both??

then its 8 and 9
+17    +/-1    x72
gives both 
0,88888888889 from 8/9
1.125 from 9/8

which one leads the edges

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