Sunday, December 1, 2013

5th Moon ~ VOIDkweak that receives (affirmed on the ZEROday GLORYdaya)

(oops , the OWL replaceD the PeaCock - OverTone Owl it must BE ;-)

feels great & prosperous
to announce the alignment alliance

the & character 
is in this kweak of VOID

a Good practice to adopt the character
to caligraph it by any method 
that handwrites it
(painting is okay too)

tell me&us your experiences on that?!


the MOON end with kin 40 on DREAMspell

this empowers the 4.0 ident of GLORY daya

may we aligned
chant }}} KAA  MUH  THY {{{

on the chakral wheels it aligns 4 2 7

but then watch this wholly bodily renwal :

just x click it to read better ?

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