Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moon 5 - Kweak 5.1 ~ Love Kweak ~ CrownBased

(the image is easily downmoaded as wallpaper on mob's & tablets, aye)
(( only once each 9 daya! as an a'wakening rhythm  ))

We Regret the People in the Philipines
Struggling such a dramatic nature event

}}} focus an empowering thought {{{

(3 days differentiation to DS column in TreeKweak)
-empowering Electric Tone of Servibg the Whole-

HAND is the GREEN note here ...
it signals a healing mode ...

(remember communication started by Hand & Body Language?)

** Youth Emergee SystemiQ **   WeKeY'
pineal Gland origin healer

Question / FAQ team

why do we see those CHANTs in this Calendar Spicing Life??

Aha .. this is a crucial affair on Collective Life ..
For the moment consider each 9 days you start the day with a variant sound ..
although it recovers within about 13 days .. to repeat in a natural order ..

Would this blank your receptive mind for ather ones ? and refined emergees?

(more details are offered in practising the chants on a disciplined self)

What can an EMERGEE be ?

This is an open Question to partners in Servant Nations ( Hugh Schonfield Redemptions )


got this from Michael Ellis
(wonderful how they exchange in the interdependent field of HHH2OOO elements)

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