Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Moon 4 - Kweak ONE ~ remembering teachings in a Form

>>> NOOS letter ~ OWL moon in DreamSpell <<<

Remembering the last Kweak 3.3 ~ voidkweak in Moon 3
we see appear the DRAGON again as a kweakseal

which is the SEAL not in the range of 19 Seals

Remember the T'chings 
Column Night till Storm
covers Wind til Sun (2 to 20)
so seal 1 is not in that range

Also we know each day has 3 phases that FORM the miXture
As day 15 is energized by SUN-DRAGON-WIND
day 16 is by WIND-NIGHT--SEED
The white and yellow seals are in DAWN & EVE

while keeping in contact with the calendar
one achieves the essences given by powers and actions
in a harmonic life , phases that interconnect

we know from precious rhythms that those 28 days
close on 11 11 given the ol' calendar as reference
(so day 28 is 11-12-2013)

ancients teachings bring 10 days from that moment till 11-22-2013
(consider it as a celebration delivering the contact)

OWL brings a FORM
setting alternative grid
from which we build anewed

S'ace ~ 022 220 242
white solar wind in DreamSpell (2nd column)
yellow crystal sun in Tzolkin
white galactic wind in TreeKweak (4th column)


releasing this equation
022 220 242 484
is both 11 as 22 synchroneous
2 20 22 44 on 11
1 10 11 22 on 22

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